Rerooting Services

My commission book is currently CLOSED until March 2019.

Type of Dolls:

  • 12 inch Integrity Toys Dolls (Poppy Parker, Fashion Royalty, Nu Face, Industry, Dynamite girls)
  • 12 inch Barbie Dolls


  • Barbie or Soft 12inch doll head:
    • $100.00
  • Fashion Royalty, Integrity or any Hard fashion doll head:
    • 125.00

Services Offered:

  • Side Part Reroot
  • Middle Part Reroot
  • Front Bangs (straight cut bangs only, no feathering or layering of bangs or hair)

What you need to provide:

  • Doll hair
  • Doll with doll body (I like to place the doll head back on the original body before sending back)
  • Secure box to mail your doll to me in. I will mail your doll back securely.

If your doll is an Integrity doll and is older than 2009, please be advised I can not guarantee the lashes on your doll. Newer dolls have stronger eyelashes so I should be able to keep them on successfully.

*I only root dolls with hair from Restore Doll:  Please order one large skein and texture must be katsilk.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me any time. You can contact me HERE.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

-Erica Lin aka cutieerica

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