Welcome to cutieerica.com

Welcome to cutieerica.com! This is my website that will be featuring many of my art layouts, doll customizations and photography. I really enjoy customizing Fashion Royalty and Barbie dolls to have a new and unique personality. One of my specialties is re-rooting dolls.

My commission book is currently open from August 2018 until mid September 2018.

Want to learn more about my services? Check out my rerooting services offered.

Type of Dolls:

  • 12 inch Integrity Toys Dolls (Poppy Parker, Fashion Royalty, Nu Face, Industry, Dynamite girls)
  • 12 inch Barbie Dolls


  • Barbie or Soft 12inch doll head:
    • $100.00
  • Fashion Royalty, Integrity or any Hard fashion doll head:
    • 125.00